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John E's Got a Brand New Horn!


Renowned Canadian trumpet virtuoso, John Liddle, first played a Callet SIMA trumpet in November 2008 and fell in love immediately. In fact, it played so well John performed an entire solo concert on the SIMA just two days later! 

"Within ten minutes on my new Superchops mouthpiece and SIMA trumpet it was obvious that there was no comparison to my old instrument. Improved attack, center of sound, intonation, and consistent column of sound in all registers made playing difficult passages effortless. Just two days after receiving this trumpet and mouthpiece I played a major recital to an audience that was familiar with my sound. They all thought it was one of my best performances ever. I have since played the SIMA as a soloist in big bands, concert bands, and church services with every performance sounding great. The SIMA trumpet with the Superchops mouthpiece is the finest combination I have ever played. Jerome has truly created the Holy Grail of trumpets!" - JL



Introducing John Liddle's newest CD ~

Fans of the trumpet will greatly enjoy John's newest recording, "John E's Got a Brand New Horn". Beautifully accompanied by Beatriz Remedious on piano, John brilliantly displays the full potential of this most royal of instruments. John's astounding virtuosity is front and center as he performs favorite selections from the world's most difficult trumpet repertoire. 2009



bulletDark Eyes, arranged by Rafael Mendez
bulletRag Polka by Claude Bolling
bulletNapoli Theme and Variations by Herman Bellstedt
bulletPortrait of a Trumpet by Sammy Nestico
bulletLatin Holiday by Lennie Niehaus
bulletA Trumpeter's Lullaby by Leroy Anderson
bulletDanse Boheme from Carmen, arranged by Rafael Mendez
bulletLa Virgen de la Macarena, arranged by Rafael Mendez


Treat your ears to sound of the world's finest trumpet, the Callet SIMA, in the hands of a modern virtuoso.

"The trumpet I exclusively use is Jerome Callet's SIMA along with his Superchops 3 mouthpiece. This is the finest trumpet in the world today. The ease of sound, constant center in all registers as well as pure power make it my horn of choice. Besides, it is just a blast to play!"  John Liddle


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