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SIMA in C ~


"During my career, I've owned nearly every C trumpet. This SIMA C is truly marvelous, very much the best I've ever played. Never before have I played a trumpet with such perfect intonation, rich and centered tone, and evenness of registers from top to bottom."

- Peter Masseurs, principal trumpet emeritus with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

"Perfectly centered and finest intonation ever."

- John Dewitt,  principal trumpet with the Houston Symphony 

"My sound is more centered, high register is more secure, endurance has grown, staccato is clearer and quicker, projection is more efficient, intonation is easier."

- Olivier Theurillat - principal trumpet, Berne Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland

"Absolutely phenomenal!"

- Csaba Kelemen, associate principal with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

"The best C trumpet I have ever played!"

- Herbert Smith, Rochester Philharmonic

Hear Mr. Smith play the SIMA C:  SIMA C in action


One question repeatedly followed the extraordinary success of the SIMA Bb, "How can we get a C trumpet with the rich and powerful sound of the Bb SIMA matched to the same outstanding intonation?" Jerry dedicated six months to design and testing before the final prototype C was ready for construction. Within six weeks of production the SIMA C had homes in top symphonies around the world - from Houston to London, Dresden, and Switzerland. World class professionals testing the SIMA would not give them back! Finally, a C trumpet without compromise in sound, ease of play from double pedal C to triple high C, and most importantly, spot-on intonation! The Callet SIMA C is now available to all players that demand the very best.



The Callet SIMA C ~



bulletRich, luscious, and vibrant sound in all registers
bulletEase of play from double pedal C to double high C and beyond
bulletNo breaks in the sound across the entire playable spectrum
bulletPerfectly centered and consistent sound in all registers
bulletExtraordinary intonation unmatched by any other horn on the market - custom or production
bulletMost powerful projection of any trumpet - proven outdoors as well as in the largest symphonic halls



Design Features ~


bulletSame time tested bell mandrel as the legendary Callet Jazz for clarity and focus throughout the range
bulletSame proprietary heavy weight brass bell of the SIMA Bb for unmatched richness and power on every pitch
bullet.453 custom leadpipe for demonstrably easier playing in all registers
bulletCarefully shaped and meticulously placed braces for audible energy and excitement in the sound
bulletUnderslung 3rd valve adjustment for improved intonation and superior slotting
bulletSpecial positioning of the valve section for superior balance in the hands



SIMA C in gold lacquer ~





SIMA C in silver plate ~





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