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SIMA in Eb/D ~



Revolutionary sound and intonation for a soprano trumpet

Designed to replace the piccolo trumpet for all accomplished players

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Includes two tuning slides for excellent intonation in both D and Eb

In silver plate or gold lacquer



Does your piccolo trumpet sound more like a kazoo than a trumpet? That's because the piccolo trumpet lacks a pedal tone register and the fat, rich sound that only comes with with a full overtone series. Jerry Callet has spent several decades designing a superior Eb/D trumpet that handles the upper register with ease, excellent intonation, and the full, rich sound all dedicated musicians strive for. The SIMA Eb/D, the soprano trumpet to replace all others.


"Just have to say thank you for a wonderful trumpet. The Sima Eb/D blows beautifully and is at home in all registers and all styles. I am absolutely delighted with this trumpet." - Jerry C. from Manchester, England






Check out Herb Smith of the Rochester Philharmonic giving the final test sample a thorough run-through:

Herb Smith plays the revolutionary Callet SIMA Eb/D trumpet