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Presto Test Kit ~      15% off !

For a limited time, treat yourself to full sized samples of each of Jerry Pollard's three superior lubes plus his valve stripper and receive a 15% discount. Each packet includes a full sized, standard edition of Presto Hybrid valve oil, Valve Stripper, Slik-Slide cream, and Silky-Slide gel - everything you'll need to make trumpets, flugelhorns, and cornets perform better than ever. Reg $35.96    Add to CART  



Hybrid Fast Oil ~

At Callet Trumpets we've tested them all - from Holton, Al Cass, Bach, and Popy to Alisyn, Monster, Hetmans, UltraPure, and T2. And we've found one valve oil we love the most - Presto Hybrid Fast. Petroleum based lubes are initially fast, but degenerate quickly. Synthetic oils last a long time, yet get progressively more sticky. For the ultimate in a long lasting and fast valve oil we recommend Presto Hybrid Fast Valve oil. Designed by a chemical engineer by day and lifelong trumpeter by night, Presto Hybrid Fast is the perfect blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants. 2oz drip bottle .... $7.99    Add to CART


bulletHigh speed
bulletLong Lasting



Valve Stripper ~

In valve maintenance, one thing is certain. Valve oils do not play well together. Whether from one petrol-based lube to another, or from petrol to synthetic or synthetic to hybrid, valve oils do not make good friends. And as most players have experienced, even the same lube gets gummy after repeated use. The simple solution to fast and trouble free valve action is Presto Valve Stripper. Spray onto each valve and let sit for 60 seconds, then rinse in water. Then, apply new lube of any type, away you go! Presto Valve Stripper is our most recommended accessory. Say goodbye to sticky valves (and cancel your trip to your local repairman!) 2 oz spray .... $9.99    Add to CART




Slik-Slide Slide Cream ~

Traditional tuning slide lubes come in two variants. One is golden brown and sticks like glue. It's long lasting, yet very annoying to use. It's difficult to apply and sticks to everything like glue. The other is thin, like facial cream, but breaks down quickly. Pollard's Slik-Slides is the perfect solution. It's a clean and easy to apply white cream that lasts for weeks or months. .5 oz cream .... $8.99    Add to CART




Presto Silky-Slide Slide Gel ~

For fast and smooth action on 1st and 3rd slides. These slides need to move more quickly, yet traditional lubes make them move like molasses, slow and jerky. Some players resort to valve oils that are fast but very short lasting. Others try a mix of slide lubes and valve oil for a messy and inconsistent mix. Silky-Slide is the perfect consistency for single application with long term results. .25 oz .... $6.99    Add to CART