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80+ years ago Vincent Bach standardized existing mouthpiece designs to greatly assist trumpet players around the world. But current demands in range, power, and endurance vastly exceed those standards. Jerome Callet, more than anyone else, moved mouthpiece and trumpet design to the 21st century. His many years of apprenticeship with two of history's most recognized builders, Eldon Benge and Dominick Calicchio, combined with his stunning feats of range and power, and most importantly, his unparalleled ability to truly hear and duplicate superior sound on the trumpet granted him the singular ability to design the trumpets and mouthpieces that significantly surpass the finest efforts of the past century. If you wish to compete in today's competitive music world, you owe it to yourself to use the world's most advanced tools - Jerome Callet NY Soloist and Sima trumpets with Jerome Callet's Superchops mouthpieces.

Jerome Callet Trumpets and Flugelhorn

Superchops Mouthpieces


For optimum performance, the Jerome Callet Superchops series is offered only in fully balanced designs.

To make a superior mouthpiece each part - rim, cup, throat, and backbore - must be critically matched. Otherwise, tone, endurance, range, and most significantly, intonation will suffer. To accomplish this difficult task requires superior chops and an extremely musical ear. With more than 5,000 previous mouthpiece designs to his credit, Mr. Callet has succeeded in taking mouthpieces to an entirely new level - Superchops.


SC1 ~

The first official Superchops mouthpiece was named the SC1. It had a moderately sharp rim similar to the Weril mouthpiece Mr. Callet was using at the time. The SC1 had a medium-shallow cup, 27 throat, and Jerry's time tested #4 backbore.


SC2 and SC3 ~

Shortly after the SC1, Jerry ran across an original Dominick Calicchio mouthpiece with an extremely comfortable rim and superb sounding medium-shallow double cup. This rim and cup, combined with a 27 throat and #4 backbore was named the SC2 and quickly became a top seller. However, feedback from top players in Las Vegas convinced Jerry to try the SC2 with a 29 throat. The first samples of this mouthpiece were still called SC2, but had a "29" imprinted on the shank. The added richness in sound, extra-fine intonation, and great ease of play promptly made this new mouthpiece the standard in the Superchops line. To more clearly differentiate it from the prior SC2, it was officially renamed the SC3.


SC4, SC6, and SC3s ~

The SC4, essentially an SC3 with a somewhat wider cup, was introduced in order to ease the transition to the more efficient and much more in-tune Superchops mouthpieces for players used to wider cups like the Bach 7 and Bach 3.  The SC6, a slightly wider and shallower SC4, plus the SC3s, a shallower version of the SC3, were introduced in consecutive order to help players fine tune their playing to an ever finer degree.


SC8 Symphonic ~

In the summer of 2014, Jerry introduced his long awaited Superchops "symphonic mouthpiece", the SC8. The SC8 successful mated the significant advantages of the prior mouthpieces but in an extra wide cup size similar to a Bach 1 1/2. Along the way, numerous other designs were heavily tested. But to date, none have reached the high standards set by the SC1ss, 3, 3s, 4, 6, and 8. Therefore, they have not made their way to the standard lineup. The SC8 remains the definitive mouthpiece for symphonic players seeking the maximum in a full, wide sound with contemporary range, power, and endurance. It's pitch-perfect intonation easily proves the superiority of the SC8 to all other symphonic mouthpieces.


SC1ss and SC1sb ~

In his never ending quest for the "perfect mouthpiece", Jerry Callet introduced the SC1ss in 2017. A truly revolutionary mouthpiece, the SC1ss has quickly become the standard for embouchure development - and gorgeous sound! A still shallower version for lead players, the SC1sb was introduced in early 2018. These two exceptional mouthpieces are now the biggest sellers in the Superchops lineup and used by devoted pros from Las Vegas to NYC and beyond.



Superchops 1 ~   (discontinued, all stock sold out)

The first official Superchops mouthpiece was named the SC1 (as distinguished from the SC1* model). It had a moderately sharp rim similar to the Weril mouthpiece Mr. Callet was using at the time. The SC1 had a medium-shallow cup, 27 throat, and Jerry's time tested #4 backbore. The unique exterior design (pictured) makes this mouthpiece easily identifiable. Shortly after introducing the SC1, Jerry found a mint Dominick Calicchio mouthpiece with an extremely comfortable rim and superb sounding medium-shallow double cup. Familiar with this rim and cup from his many years working with Dominick, Jerry had been searching for a pristine sample for several decades. For most players, the added comfort and security of the new cup and rim design made the SC1 obsolete so production was discontinued.



Superchops 1* ~     (discontinued, all stock sold out)

For a limited time, Jerry offered a copy of a standard SC3 in an extra small diameter, close to a Bach 17. The rim contour was carried over unchanged from the SC3 along with the 29 throat and the medium-shallow double cup. However, the very small cup volume was limited for all but the most advanced players so production was discontinued.



Superchops 5 ~  (discontinued, all stock sold out)

The Superchops 5 was a very limited test model. Designed by request for Clement Saunier of Trombamania, the SC-5 was like an SC-4 but with a deeper cup. The goal was an even wider sound than the already exemplary SC-4. However, performance tests showed that the extra depth disrupted the excellent balance of the SC-4. For most players, the sound lost the desired focus, core, and near perfect intonation of the SC-4. Therefore, the SC-5 was never put into full production. Fewer than 6 reached the marketplace. However, the SC-5 led directly the the SC-8 with all the breathe of the SC-5 and none of the quirks.