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Grand Prix Flugelhorn


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The all-new Callet Grand Prix is the ultimate flugelhorn for the world's most discerning artists

- lush and golden sound, unrivalled in pitch, immediate response and unparalleled power -

- the Callet Gran Prix flugelhorn is the perfect instrument to translate inner thoughts to superior sound -


The flugelhorn, recognized as the sweetest and most mellow of the soprano brass family, has been the beauty and bane of most trumpet players. The sound, when mastered, has unparalleled appeal to audiences worldwide. Yet, it's ability to transmit the inner thoughts of even the finest musicians has been greatly limited by it's highly temperamental attitude - until now!

Previously considered just a doubler for trumpet players, even the finest flugelhorns were mere afterthoughts in design. Not content to offer an instrument of inferior sound quality to his Callet customers, Jerome Callet, in 1992, introduced a significant advancement in flugelhorn design, the Callet Jazz flug. With its audibility superior power and significantly improved intonation, the Callet Jazz flugelhorn quickly gained a reputation as the finest instrument then available. To this day, it remains a coveted prize in the quivers of artists around the world.

Yet, Jerome recognized that further improvements were needed - a flugelhorn that combined the contemporary power and pitch of the Callet Jazz but with the nimbleness, ease of play, and immediate response of the finest of the classic flugs, the pre-WWII French Besson. All new for 2017, Jerome Callet introduces the Callet Gran Prix flugelhorn, the most advanced flug ever, for the most dedicated flugelhorn artists and trumpet doublers worldwide.





The Callet Grand Prix flugelhorn


.415 bore for quickest response with greatest ease and maximum endurance


Jerome Callet's exclusive leadpipe for superior pitch at all dynamic levels


Time tested 6" hand hammered French Besson bell for consistently rich and smooth sound in all registers


Exclusive Callet bracing and slide nibs for optimum pitch center and focus


Individually machined Pollard water keys, the finest available for fast water release and easy maintenance


Precision lapped Monel valves for years of smooth, consistent action


3rd valve tuning trigger for low register pitch adjustment


Designed for small taper, Morse 9.3mm OD, "Bach" mouthpiece shank


Completely handmade in the USA


Finished in your choice of clear lacquer or silver plate


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