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Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Specs ~


Flugelhorn shanks ~

Unlike trumpet shanks, there is no single standard for the taper of flugelhorn shanks. To determine the shank required by your flugelhorn carefully measure the outside diameter (OD) of the shank on your current mouthpiece at the "set point", the spot the shank stops in the receiver (see pic on right). 


Yamaha shank ~

Frequently referred to as the "standard taper" or large Morse taper, all Yamaha-sized shanks are 9.6mm OD at the set point and 3.360" OD at exit point. This shank fits Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Stomvi, Benge, King, Blessing, Conn Vintage One, Weril, Holton, Schilke, older Kanstul 1525 flugelhorns, and most other “American” flugelhorns except Bach.


Bach shank ~

Based around the small Morse taper, the Bach-sized shank is 9.3mm OD at set point and 3.355" OD at exit point. It fits Bach, Courtois, LeBlanc (including Sandoval), B&S, and some other European brands, plus Kanstul models 725, 1025, and newer 1525. Most flugelhorns designed for a Bach taper will also take a standard Yamaha shank; it will just stick out of the receiver approximately 8mm further. For proper use, look for engagement of at least 2cm.


French shank ~

A non-tapered French-sized shank fits Couesnon, some other European brands, Flip Oakes, Kanstul CCF 925, plus original French Besson flugelhorns. Special order only.


German shank ~

The German-sized shank measures 10mm (.394") at the set point. Flugelhorns with this taper are easily spotted because they accept a trumpet mouthpiece. Though quite common on European horns, especially Miraphones from Germany, it's rarely used on American flugs. Harrelson and Carol Brass typically ship two pipes with their flugelhorns; a larger pipe with German shank for using trumpet mouthpieces in a pinch plus a smaller pipe for Yamaha shanks. Special order only.