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Feedback ~

Though our medium bore SIMA and medium large NY Soloist trumpets have only been available since late 2008, word of their exceptional sound and playability has quickly spread around the world. We would like to share some of the feedback we've received so far from actual purchasers:


Who plays our NY Soloist or SIMA trumpets?

Chris Jaudes - lead on Broadway and with Paul Anka, Julliard instructor: "Played the SIMA Bb with Paul Anka's band and had to have! Great trumpet !!"

Peter Masseurs - principal trumpet emeritus with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam: "Very much the best C trumpet I've ever played."

Olivier Theurillat - principal trumpet, Berne Symphony Orchestra, Switz: "My sound is more centered, my high register is more secure, my endurance has grown, my staccato is clearer and quicker, my projection is more efficient, my intonation is easier."

Eric Parks, lead trumpet with West Point Jazz Knights Army Band - "The SIMA is perfect for everything from big band to orchestra."

Csaba Kelemen - associate principal, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany: "Absolutely phenomenal!"

John Dewitt - principal trumpet, Houston Symphony: "Perfectly centered and finest intonation ever."

Herb Smith - 3rd trumpet, Rochester Philharmonic: "Extraordinarily happy with the SIMA Bb plus best C trumpet I have ever played."

Daniel J. Falcone - legendary Las Vegas trumpeter: "Tested extensively and had to have it!"

Gillarno Diaz Gomes - top studio player in Brazil: "The SIMA makes demanding work easier."

John Liddle - trumpet soloist and conductor in Toronto: "Jerome, you truly have created the Holy Grail of trumpets."

David Perrico - Las Vegas lead trumpeter: "I absolutely love the SIMA!!"


Ray G. from Pa, 1/18: The [NY Soloist] is fantastic. Don’t envision changing from it.

Curt T. from Md, 1/18: Love the horn [NY Soloist]!  Great response & power. 

Jim R. from NY, 6/15: This horn was recommended to me by Ed F. We play in a group together and he recently let me play his SIMA. All I could say was "wow"! I have a Benge that I've used for over 40 years so I am very excited to receive this new horn.

David M. from Switz, 10/14: Your Sima trumpets in both Bb and C are wonderful!

Vince T. from Pa, 6/14: The SIMA is performing beautifully. I've played a handful of gigs since buying it and it is definitely responsive. The horn works with me instead of against (as I felt I sometimes fought my previous horn). Thank you.

Scott T. from Ma, 12/13: Just had my first few gigs (all big band) with my SIMA. I’ve been practicing on it every day but playing a gig is different so I wanted to wait until I got some in.  After spending a month with it and with a little of the bloom off the rose, so to speak, I can say honestly it’s the most amazing horn in terms of projection, tone, intonation and ease of blow that I’ve ever played, including my Callet Superchops. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve gotten:

I let a couple of my trumpet students play the horn. They’re in 11th grade and decent players for high school. After the first one played a couple of notes she pulled it away and looked at it with huge eyes and just said “Wow!” (She plays a Strad.)  The other student, who’s a stronger player but plays a student model Yamaha said “Holy crap! I didn’t know playing a different trumpet could make such a big difference.” A really good discussion then took place.

On my first gig, a bari player from one of my other bands was in the audience. He asked me if I got a new horn. I told him yes and he said “I thought so, your sound was so brilliant, you were just killing it.”

Finally, my right hand man who plays the solo book in four of the big bands I play in has heard me do my pre-gig routine for years. It’s always with a Harmon mute because we rarely get a green room. I always do arpeggios up to double C. On the first gig I’m doing it and I get to the dbl C and he said, “Holy cow, that’s with a Harmon?  Oh that’s right you got a new horn.” Third gig of the week when I got to the dbl C he said, “That’s just amazing.”

George J. from Co, 8/13: I received the most awesome trumpet in the world in the mail today! I am able to play pieces that I struggled with before. The sound is so full and rich!  I will be using it to play Taps for a Veterans ceremony on Wednesday. Thank you Jerry and Kyle!

Christian H. from Germany, 4/13: I have a lot of respect, Mr. Callet, towards your contribution to general knowledge and understanding of trumpet playing. As I have been studying your findings and knowledge from your books and via Chris Jaudes, I feel related to you and therefore allow myself to address you like an old friend. Chris Jaudes brought his new Callet SIMA to a lesson I had with him. He wanted me to try it out. I immediately noticed what a great horn I had in my hands. I understood it would take a few days to get used to it and learn to actually use the efficiency of the horn for my playing. But, it was clear to me after a very short time that it would be easy to adapt to. It is really a great horn! I am deeply impressed by the idea to use “old” trumpet design ideas to create a very modern instrument. The more I think about your ideas (I read all the reports on the internet), the SIMA's advantages just makes sense, period! I have ordered a SIMA in silver plate and will have Chris personally select one for me. As a great player, Chris is very busy so I have no idea when he will do the testing but I'm happy to wait. Thank you!!!

Asher H. from Pa, 2/13: I played the SIMA C in church Sunday and it was very nice. Easier to play, more in tune than my other C. Definitely less effort in general. Perhaps a bit brighter and better projection, though I chose shallower pieces including the SC4, so some of the brightness is because of that. I played deeper pieces with larger back ends on my other C (an ML) because it felt tight. Funny, the Sima, despite its smaller
bore, didn't feel tight at all. Thanks!

Jose G. from Brazil, 12/12: I am very impressed with the quality of my SIMA. Very refined, very light, very fast response. It was really a great purchase! I was already using the Superchops SC-3 nozzle (mouthpiece)and now the SIMA. Great combination beyond the practical system Superchops embouchure which I've already been practicing for five months.

Luigi D. from Italy, 12/12: A quick note to let you know the SIMA arrived today and everything is perfect. First notes put a smile on my face!

Bill H. from Mi, 11/12: The Callet SIMA C arrived today. Only got to play a few scales on it so far but it is by far the best sounding C trumpet I've played. Have owned 3 different ones: NYTC in silver ML bore, Carol Brass in lacquer L bore, and Kanstul in silver model 1510. I immediately grabbed my SC4 mpc since its the widest and deepest of my SC equipment. So far excellent!

Barney B. from Pa, 11/12: I got the SIMA Eb/D and played for an hour. The trumpet is obviously great (w/my old mouthpiece esp.) but the SC-4 mouthpiece was tough to switch over to. Does it naturally get a little better or do I have to change my embouchure drastically? I am used to playing a large cup mouthpiece.

Bill H. from Mi, 11/12: Got my gold lacquer SIMA Bb yesterday. I grabbed my Callet Jazz and warmed up a bit on that. After a few minutes switched to the SIMA. I liked it right away. It is heavier in my hands compared to the Jazz, and does seem to be a bit darker at first impression. But the more I played the SIMA the more the sound seemed focused and rich in overtones as well as a solid core versus just being darker. The notes lock in more securely vs the Jazz. I've been continuing to work on not overblowing and the notes were speaking effortlessly. I seem to be able to play at a softer volume compared to the Jazz and the tone wasn't airy or weak. I took it to my polka band rehearsal (along with my Jazz to compare) and ended up playing the Sima all night and never wanted to pick up the Jazz to hear any differences.  We played polkas and waltzes last night, so there was a combination of fast 2/4 beat and 3/4 beats. The other trumpet player and I switch back and forth between 1st and 2nd tpt parts, so I was able to play higher as well as lower voiced parts. The waltz voicing was mainly at the top of the staff and spoke clearly as well as being really clean. The biggest thing I felt was that I didn't have to work to get any of the notes to speak, and never ran out of gas during a line or chart. The other guy plays a Bach Strad (I think standard 37 in silver), and he liked the sound I was getting. We blended well, however, I think my sound was definitely better. Thanks again Kyle for your thoughts, comments, and advice in my horn safari. So far the SIMA seems to be the best - as promised (and advertised)!!

Chris Y. from Ca, 8/12: The SIMA [Bb] arrived yesterday and I am loving it! Exceeded all my expectations. Been playing it non-stop since I got home from work yesterday. Works so well with the SC3 mouthpiece! Can't wait to see the DVD and listen to the music CD you gave me. Thanks so much for working with me with the payments and for the super fast shipment!

Fred J. from In, 6/12: There are a couple problems I have with the horn. First, it makes all my other horns sound like crap! Second, when peeling the paint off the walls, it makes my ears ring.
Other than that, it's a great trumpet. The more I play it, the better I like it! It has been a pleasure to work with you through this process. My best wishes to you!

Bill S. from Wa, 4/12, leader of Tuxedo Junction (38 years): WOW !!! I got my Sima [Bb] on Saturday at 1:00 and played a few exercises then left for a gig. The horn was a pleasure to play. Coming from a Schilke X6, I expected to feel resistance. But none was there. When I went for a note, it was right there! I see no need for the third slide as the pitch is so centered. I thought the sound was equal to my extra large bore, but more important, several band members also thought so. And these were unsolicited comments! Since the intonation is so dead on, there is much less fatigue in playing the Sima. I've played several more gigs since and the horn just feels more comfortable. I am now a believer that bore is NOT a determining factor in sound! I am glad you made this fabulous, giant step in trumpet evolution. I'm forever grateful.

Damian S. from Thailand, 2/12: The SIMA Bb is perfect and blows great. I'm very happy. Thanks again.

Mark Wood from Md, lead with Army Blues, 1/12: I'm sure you must know Joe P. in Syracuse, NY. He's such a great guy. He told me that the SIMAs have become very popular in that area and a few of the top commercial guys are really making their way on that horn. I loved the sound of the SIMA, very clear and focused. It definitely is a very easy horn to get around on. You put just a little bit of air into the SIMA and it is immediately energized. The horn is bright enough by design and the lacquer helps warm up the sound and add just a bit of core.

Katsuhisa I. from Japan, 1/12: I immediately played my new SIMA D/Eb trumpet in orchestra rehearsal. It sounded with such rich overtones I don't think anyone around noticed that I was using a D trumpet. It's intonation is excellent - balanced and easy to play. Even more wonderful than I had expected. I will recommend my this trumpet to my friends.  Thank you again.

Peter Masseurs, followup, 12/11: The new tuning slide came in and it's even more fantastic! Makes the entire trumpet more brilliant and brighter. Its vibration is super. The overall range from low to high G above high C, is "easy" to do. Never like this on a previous C trumpet for me !? You've made me very happy. Kind regards, Peter

Peter Masseurs, principal trumpet emeritus with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam, 12/11: During my career, I've owned nearly every C trumpet. This SIMA C is truly marvelous, very much the best I've ever played. Never before have I played a trumpet with such perfect intonation, rich and centered tone, and evenness of registers top to bottom.

Jack A. from Sweden, 12/11: Thanks a million for the SIMA Eb/D trumpet. It arrived today in perfect shape and it's all I remembered plus more! I always told myself that a Eb or D was not my bag. I couldn't play any I´ve tried before (Selmer, Bach, etc )and now I'm sitting playing a Eb-D like it's a Bb trumpet! With the SIMA, it's no problem switching from the Bb to the Eb. A few years ago, I bought a lot of concertos in Eb and D and they stayed on the shelf. Now, I can play those concertos - IN TUNE! I'm going to enjoy myself this Christmas with the Eb-D and maybe even blow a few notes in my jazz combo as a novelty! Thank you again.

Ron C. from Ca, 12/11: This is one of the best horns I have played...ever! Although I am trying to design my own trumpet, it will be difficult to beat the SIMA!

Arthur G. from Austria, 11/11: The case arrived just about a week after the trumpet and it's for sure the best and most robust case I've ever had - just perfect to protect such a valuable instrument. Once again, thank you very much for your great work and this wonderful trumpet! The more I play it the more I love it. What really puts the SIMA into a different league from anything else I've played are the precise slotting and intonation which helps very much to increase the speed of playing when needed. I simply don't have to care about the technical aspects of playing so much anymore. The SIMA helps me to not think about pressing valves down and tonguing. Instead, I'm just making music since I have this wonderful trumpet. And I'm sounding better than ever!

David C. from UK, 11/11: Thought I would drop you a line to tell you how I have been getting on with my SIMA lately. To summarize - it's wonderful !

Scott K. from, Md, 8/11: I'm definitely a Callet convert! Glad to be rid of my previous Bach and Monette equipment; I didn't even realize it was making me work so hard to be in tune. Thanks again.

Derek G. from NY, 8/11: Wow, what a sweet horn! Everything about it is more centered, in tune, focused, and resonant without having to over-blow or muscle anything out of the horn. Coming from a large bore WT was easy.  For me, the horn blows plenty open. The difference is in the shape of the air that I use, a shape that never has me over-extending my capacity to make the horn do what I want.  The biggest immediate difference from the WT is the intonation.  I did not really realize how much I was working to play the WT in tune. The SIMA requires no additional effort to put in tune. The SIMA is like a high-performance sports car on a windy and unforgiving road; it takes all the corners and never runs out of gas. Shame on Mr. Callet for making me second guess all my other trumpets!  :>D

Jim B. from Ca, 5/11: I played the SIMA at rehearsal last night and loved my new control in the mid-range, in part due to the new SC4 mouthpiece.  But all my notes are better in tune and I finished the rehearsal time with plenty of endurance and range remaining.  Count me as a satisfied customer!

Peter Bond, NY Metropolitan Opera (feedback but not yet purchased), 2/11: I found the Callet Bb and C's I played at the West Chester festival to be excellent instruments; fast response, full and colorful sound with great intonation. I heartily recommend those looking for a new horn to check them out!

David C. from England, 11/10: I keep staring at my new SIMA Bb in admiration. This has to be the best trumpet ever made!  It looks beautiful and is mechanically perfect. Took it up to my local church for a test blow and I was absolutely stunned. It's magnificent - everything I could have hoped for, wonderful intonation and lovely solid core sound. I've been playing along with pro cd's to test the overall tuning and it is just perfect, tuning slide extended about 15mm which I think is exactly right. The notes just pop out of the trumpet with total ease. And they are so centered the sound is always solid no matter how high or low I play.  This means that I can back off the power, which of course makes things even easier. I have been searching for the perfect trumpet for quite a few years. At last my search is over!

Chris C. from La, 10/10: As a long time friend of Louis Armstrong and former member of Lil Hardin Armstrong’s band, I’ve played Louis’ exact Selmer Balanced Action trumpet for over 50 years. But after 3 weeks on a SIMA, I can’t go back to my beloved Selmer!

Manny C. - Masters in Music Candidate - Pa, 10/10: The SIMA trumpet is wonderful!

Jack R. from Oh, 8/10: My SIMA has arrived. I have not had much opportunity to play it but the little time I have has been great. The horn is as advertised; I am very pleased. Thank you.

Jerry C. from England, 8/10: Just to say thank you for a wonderful trumpet. The SIMA Eb/D blows beautifully and is at home in all registers and all styles. I am absolutely delighted with this trumpet.

Olivier Theurillat with Berne Symphony Orchestra, 8/10: I checked out your Eb/D trumpet on the YouTube testing sessions with Herb Smith of the Rochester Phil. Great trumpeter, strong. I enjoyed his playing and can hear that your instrument responds very well. The high Ds are superb! I will be recommending your Eb/D instrument to my students.

Csaba Kelemen from Dresden Philharmonic, 8/10: I´ve received your Sima C trumpet. Thank you!  After half an hour of practicing I can say, this is a fantastic horn with very good intonation. In my opinion this is the crucial point with C trumpets. In a couple of weeks, I will use it in a modern fanfare in the orchestra.

Chris M. from England, 8/10: I'm delighted with the Sima. You really have to play one to get just what a great instrument this is. The valves are fully run-in now and like my Kanstul, if kept really clean they are great. Better in fact than the ZKT1500's. As regards mouthpieces, I have now been playing the SC3 exclusively for about 4 months. Having tried a couple of times and not "got" it, I was able to switch after a week of not playing due to being unwell. When I tried it again something slotted and it all worked like a charm.  I like it so much I bought another as a spare plus one for a friend who'd noticed the sound I make now. He's a convert too. It's so much less effort. And the surprise is the tone works fine classically as well as for big band. I also finally took up Jerome's offer and had a phone session - this worked out much better than I expected, so I'll be calling again soon.  I'm on the right track I think, and the great thing is that the shift is evolutionary rather than revolutionary - none of the "I'm changing my embouchure" traumas entailing starting from scratch.  Thanks again and best wishes,

Jerry C. from England, 7/10: I have just seen the You Tube clips [SIMA D/Eb trumpet] and am blown away. This is the best sound I have ever heard on this repertoire. Herb Smith sounds awesome. I can't wait to have this trumpet.

Jean S. from Canada, 7/10: I am proud to say that I am enjoying more and more my SIMA trumpet. My confidence is improving and my endurance has doubled.

Roman W. from Switz, 6/10: I really appreciate your great customer service, awesome!

Terry S. from NY, 5/10: I have always liked Jerry's work - great designs. But since I have the SIMA, I have not bought another trumpet. I don't even look at trumpets on eBay anymore. The SIMA is a home run!

From Jean, 4/10: I have had my horn for 10 days and in one word: marvelous! All around better playing, more endurance, better attack, cleaner and more centered tone even in the higher register. My playing is more confident. I'm planning to go to Québec city sometimes in May and will show my SIMA to the store manager, also a trumpet player. He will sell my Yamahas for me. I''m quite sure when he tries the SIMA he will understand why I bought your trumpet.The guys at the University were asking about my new trumpet Monday evening; they were impressed! They quickly noticed the difference.

Ole G. from Germany, 4/10: My SIMA trumpet is fantastic! The centered tone is wonderful. My practice hours are in a room where there are some workout machines in heavy iron. Before the SIMA I had one of your Jazz models. When I played on the Jazz, the workout machine would sing on some of the tones. When I play the same piece of music on the SIMA the workout machine is more like shouting on the same tones! It is fun to be able to use a lot of alternative fingerings on the SIMA and hear that the horn is still in tune.

Urban S. from Sweden, 3/10: The only thing I can say, the SIMA trumpet is fantastic! I have played the Callet Jazz for many years and Calicchio. I only play on the SIMA now.

Andreas S. from Sweden, 3/10: The SIMA works perfect, great sound and projection. I played it for a five hour big band rehearsal (all Buddy Rich charts) last Sunday and my endurance was stunning, With the Callichio and 8310Z I was completely exhausted. I can´t believe that I hadn't bought the SIMA before!

Gary B. from Ok, 3/10: The SIMA is a really nice horn! My tech,  who is good player, loved the horn and said that only one other horn he had ever played came close to its intonation and tone. 

Olivier Theurillat, from Switz, 2/10: Since a couple of weeks now, I have more experience with Jerome's technique and the SIMA trumpet. I am very grateful and thankful - I have really improved since I met Jerome! My sound is more centered, my high register is more secure, my endurance has grown, my staccato is clearer and quicker, my projection is more efficient, my intonation is easier (less use of alternate fingering). A big success! I have been busy with different types of theater productions and I have used the SIMA for Sweet Charity (beautiful sounding high F!) and Tchaikovsky's Eugen Onegin (powerful sound but supple as well). The other positive thing is the use of your technique with my 5 students - good results already. Meeting with you was a gift!

Andreas S. from Sweden, 2/10: The SIMA trumpet is incredible! What a sound and precision. I think the Keefer trumpet and the SIMA are very similar in blow, like Kyle said when he answered my first e-mails. I have tried the Yamahas, Kanstuls, Bachs, Conns, and even my own Calicchio trumpet but never found a trumpet with this ease and precision in playing. Thank you.

Chris M. from UK, 1/10: I played the horn on a big band gig the day I picked it up - a bit high-risk, but it all went very well. Efficient blow, great sound and intonation, just as I remembered. It gives me an extra third on my upper range and with a more focused low register. My colleague on lead who is one of the keenest collectors I know of, with 80+ Bb trumpets from the '20s onward, blew a few notes on it and said "I like that!". He favors open-blowing horns and commented how open the SIMA's blow was. We both have a hard time believing the bore size on the SIMA, which just goes to show how irrelevant it is, really. Incidentally, having played a Kanstul ZKT1500 for the last 16 years, I have the weighted valve caps which fit the SIMA; I tried one on third, and on the basis of that quick trial, I'd agree with the website - don't go there! For now I'm concentrating on learning not to overblow and trying to unlearn lipping/triggering out of tune notes, particularly A above the staff which is spot-on for me for the first time in, oh, 16 years!

Bob N. from Australia, 1/10: The SIMA is magic!  What I really like is that the horn is so balanced when you go for a note, it's there so easily!  The strangest thing happened, I played 3 complete octaves on my 3rd day, something I couldn't do on my cornet or old trumpet. Once again, thank you ever so much for the SIMA.

John H. from Il, 12/09: My new SIMA is all it is advertised to be. I have been playing the horn for a month and it is the real thing. The intonation of the horn in all registers is superb. It's amazing to be able to run up to a double A and B and the SIMA is in tune and one can center the notes immediately. Most of my work is in big bands and I play next to the top jazz trumpeter in the Chicago area. He has perfect pitch and if anyone in the section is off-pitch even the smallest amount he picks it up immediately and lets you know. Since playing the SIMA I have very few issues with any pitch. He has played your horn and agrees that it is a fine player.

I collected trumpets for many years and have owned and played most everything that has been made. I would say that this instrument has the characteristics of the Martin Committee and Conn 2B. For the last 30 years, Jerry has been the person at the forefront of trumpet development.


Chris L. from Fl, 12/09 (tested but not yet purchased): What impressed me about the SIMA?  You name it! Perfect intonation, the most core of any trumpet I've ever played, and incredible response from low G up to double D's. Its also a very "nimble" horn (like a fast sports car that takes corners really well). We played a couple of fast be-bop tunes and the lines just popped out. The other horn players and the guys in the rhythm section all asked me, "you got a new horn or something?". I worked this club for a year straight with these same guys. I brought new horns in all the time and they never said a word before! The next night ...I played all these Harry James things from the movie "Young Man With a Horn" as well as more high notes etc. It just kept on getting better and better the more I played it. It plays so easy that when you come off a regular trumpet it takes a few minutes to adjust. But the more you back off the better it gets.

Jerry C. from UK, 10/09: The Sima Trumpet is a fantastic instrument. It allows greater ease of playing in all registers whilst maintaining a powerfully centered tone at all dynamic levels. Jerome Callet has created a masterpiece in the SIMA trumpet.

Herbert G. in Austria, 8/09: I am a lead trumpet player in several Austrian big bands and the musicians said they never heard such a great trumpet sound before!!!  I just ordered two more. I want a silver one to match my gold. And my section mate, after hearing mine, needs one too! Thank you very much.

Peter S. in Germany, 8/09: Jerome is right, this is "the world's finest trumpet". The longer I play the SIMA, the more I like it. It sounds clear and true like a baroque angel. The notes slot accurately. The projection sounds strong even when played quietly, better than any other horn I know of. But now my dilemma is what to do with my other good horns? The SIMA is superior!

Eric P. from NY, 7/09: I perform a great variety of music. The SIMA and my Superchops mouthpiece are perfect for everything - big band to orchestra. The combination has greatly improved my performance while making my job easier - better endurance and perfect articulation and intonation to double C. The Jimmy Sturr polka band I play with has 18 Grammy Awards; I wish I had the SIMA for all of them!

Csaba Kelemen from Dresden Philharmonic, Germany, 6/09: Last weekend we played John Adams, Golijov, Hindemith, and Bernstein. The SIMA worked wonderfully, with perfect pitch and balance in all registers. I was playing 3rd with just the same high notes as the 1st. It was really fun. I'm also impressed by the huge sound in the deep register. Congratulations on making this wonderful horn!

Wan Y. from Malaysia, 5/09: I received the SIMA on 8th May, and am extremely impressed by it. My first reaction to the quality of the tone was - and still is - WOW!! Please accept my humble congratulations and thanks for your amazing creation. It's a privilege for me to have such a wonderful instrument. It's so in tune. But what I love most is the quality of the tone, which is truly amazing and makes the instrument a joy to play. The valves and slides are excellent, very smooth. Definitely the best trumpet I've ever played!

Mark P. from Ca, 4/09: The SIMA trumpet arrived yesterday and I can already tell you that the trial period will not be necessary. I love the horn; it completely lives up to all that you and others have written about it. Thanks again for such a great horn. I've been a real horn junkie for the past few years, jumping from horn to horn looking for the right one. It has irritated my wife and left me very frustrated. My main issue has been intonation. The SIMA makes it almost impossible to play out of tune and you don't sacrifice sound. I am having a little trouble backing off because of years of blowing my brains out. I'm hoping your DVD can help me get the most out of my new horn. I'm so excited about getting to know this horn and seeing how far we can go together!

Bruce M. from Md, 4/09: The SIMA is great! Everyone has noticed how much brighter the sound is and how it projects out into the hall. Intonation is much better. I am not having to "lip" notes up and down to play in tune like I had to on my WT.    

Tom R. from Oh, 3/09: I have played the new SIMA for a while now and I am totally in awe of this instrument. Having played mostly Connstellations (38 B and 36 B), I have never experienced valves like this!  Also, the easy response and very little effort required to play it are an amazing experience. I wasn't sure that I would adjust well to the under slung third valve slide ring but it turned out to be very natural for me to use and it works better than any I have ever had before. I am totally in love with this ultimate of trumpets! My poor Connstellations are being neglected, I'm afraid. The combination of the SIMA and the Superchops 2 mouthpiece makes playing a joy for me. I would never have believed that I could play a mouthpiece of a 10-1/2 equivalent size but it is the most comfortable mouthpiece I have ever used and it feels totally natural to me now.  

Mark C. from DC, 3/09: Sorry to keep sending feedback but I think you understand my excitement. I did a straight-ahead job last night and brought the SIMA. Bebop tunes all night. I got so many compliments from the rhythm section on my sound and intonation. The bass player said that even the notes that were the hippest choices still sounded good because of how in tune they were. I was told that my tight articulation sounded like a 50's Miles: compact, clean, and colorful. During the last section of Donna Lee I played in octaves with the other trumpeter and ended the tune with a cleanly articulated double Bb stinger that may still be resonating at the club due to how HUGE and in tune it was. Got a jaw dropping expression from my friend. He said I had the best sound he ever heard from me - powerful and clean. And my ballad sound was "haunting". This trumpet is making me a better musician. Period! When I don't have to worry about flawed intonation I can play more relaxed with less tension in the chops and let my mind work on the aesthetics instead of the athletics of trumpet playing.

Terry S. from NY, 3/09: I played the SIMA last night on a gig for the first time. We played a big band concert in a nice hall - fairly live. It was a full 2 hour concert, including Maynard's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". (I was even able to play a respectable double C at the end of the chart). This horn sounds great with a big band: bright but rich. And it projects like crazy. We closed with "In the Mood". Those staccato eighth notes near the end popped out like bullets and with very little effort. The SIMA will definitely redefine the trumpet sound IMO. Everything else sounds dull and tubby, or shrill. It plays best with next to no air!

Jonathan S. from Pa, 2/10: Nothing else I have played matches the SIMA. It is leaps and bounds past my old horn!

Mark C. from DC, 2/09: I got the trumpet yesterday, and spent quite a bit of time on it. I have now been selling trumpets for over 10 years. I have played almost everything modern: Bach, Yamaha, Kanstul, Schilke, Getzen, etc. There are some great horns and some not so great horns. But, your SIMA shocked me beyond words!

No first valve slide? It has to be sharp on 1, 1-2 and 1-3  combinations. Not so. On other horns, the sweet spot is usually on different harmonic spots so some notes ring a bit sharp or flat. But this horn is spot on even on the "bad notes". For example, first space F is usually way sharp like second space "A". But the SIMA rang true and in tune on both. The low D and C# require a bit of adjusting and that's it. On almost every other horn I have ever touched, 3rds are always flat while 3rd line B and 4th line D are always super flat. This SIMA rings purely in tune on all of those.

"Ease of play" is what the reviews of the SIMA say. Sounds like some bull, right? But this horn takes the least amount of effort of any horn I have ever played. And since I don't have to lip notes in tune anymore, my embouchure isn't manipulated in a strange way to raise or lower a pitch, hence more endurance.

Upper register has super clean slots. The high F above high C has always been a bad, insecure note for me. I think it is right around a break I have. I'd rather play an F# or E than an F. Also, A above high C is a real hit or miss note for me. Alternative fingerings help, but it was still an insecure note. The SIMA's slots on those notes feel true and secure without odd chop adjusting. Very pure where they should be, even on the high A. That note hides on every other horn I have ever played. The SIMA found that note: clear as a bell.

The tone is beautiful and compact, very rich with lots of overtones. Great volume. Dynamic range is fantastic. It's absolutely awesome. I have never played anything like it. So soft, but not pinched. It still rings pure at such quiet volumes. When pushed, it has the power and volume your horns have always been known for. But this is so much more refined.

Missing the first valve slide not an issue. Period. I don't need it on this horn. Third valve slide ring - not comfortable yet. I don't understand the reasoning for putting it upside down. I'm not sure which finger to use in the ring so the slide can be opened quick and easy. But I guess it is easy enough to get used to.

Jerry by far this is your best horn ever. Congratulations. I know you are going to sell a bunch of them. They should sell themselves. As soon as a "trumpeter" plays it he should notice the improvements over any modern horn around. Thanks again Jerry for everything. You have made trumpet playing even more enjoyable for me...again. I can't tell you how excited I am.

Nick Drozdoff from Il, 2/09 (tested but not yet purchased):  I recently had the opportunity to extensively test Jerry Callet's new horn, the SIMA. I was very impressed with the quality of this horn. There used to be a mistaken impression that the only way to have a "free-blowing" horn would be to make it a large bore - a 468 to 470 bore. In fact, it became a badge of machismo and honor to say, "My horn is a 470!" Fortunately, over the years, wisdom has prevailed. The Sima is NOT a large bore, but it is very easy blowing. This is because this is one of the most efficient horns I've ever played. It is extremely free blowing. It is also in tune. The slots line up very well. The feedback to the lips is so solid as to be felt physically! The result is an in-tune horn with a wonderful sound. On top of all of the this, the valves feel just great. The fit and finish are beautiful. It is just an enjoyable horn to hold and play. In a day and age when custom pro horns go for $3500 and up, this horn also stands out as being much more affordable. This is a top notch pro horn that pros can afford to buy! I thoroughly enjoyed being asked to test this instrument.

Eugene B. from MO, 2/09: This is the best horn I have ever played. The ease of playing and wonderful sound have improved my playing. It is a remarkable horn!


Merv G. from NJ, 2/09: Don't even try anything else. My SIMA is great!

Roman W. from Switz, 2/09: The horn is great, I am doing the show Hairspray here in Switzerland right now and got a lot of positive feedback from the band since I switched to the SIMA! It's an amazing horn, rich clean sound with great core and focus, very even blow through all registers and great intonation. It slots very well and plays really easy and very efficient. For me the best trumpet I ever played.

Tom R. from Toronto, 12/08: It is three weeks since my SIMA arrived, and I haven't picked up my old horn since. A clean and precise sound; technical tonguing is a breeze; and the range from bottom F# to super C and above requires no effort...really. There are "secrets" to playing this horn. One has to relax and let the air "drift through" the horn. Whether one is playing 1st or 4th, the clarity of this horn ensures an overall increase in the clarity of  the entire section. The only "drawback" is that because it is in tune throughout the entire range, players that aren't monitoring their intonation can drive one to distraction!

John Liddle from Toronto, 11/08: Thanks for your new SIMA trumpet; it’s AMAZING!!!  For the last two weeks, I have played it exclusively and everyone has noticed my new sound. Within ten minutes on my new Superchops 2 mouthpiece and SIMA trumpet it was obvious that there was no comparison to my old instrument.  Improved attack, centre of sound, intonation and consistent column of sound in all registers made playing difficult passages effortless. Just two days after receiving your trumpet and mouthpiece I played a major recital to an audience that was familiar with my sound. They all thought it was one of my best performances. I have since played the SIMA as a soloist in big bands, concert bands and church services with every performance sounding great. Your SIMA trumpet with the Superchops 2 mouthpiece is the finest combination that I have ever played. Jerome, you have truly created the Holy Grail of trumpets!

Brad L. from Md, 11/08: Plays like butter....mmmmmm The SIMA was the best horn at the Maryland Trumpet Days for ME because it just fit well. It had a good solid core, slots were in tune from below the staff to as high as I could play; it blew very "even". The sound was consistent even at a low volume, er, effort, which would let you play strong all night without overblowing. It responded very well. I heard no bad comments about the horn at all. Anyone who doubted it, all they had to do was stand in front of it to hear the quality of sound. I've played the Jazz, and the Superchops before, but this SIMA is the best of the bunch!

Peter N. from Pa, 11/08: I fell in love with the Sima and now it really is just a matter of convincing my wife to let me buy one!

Tom R. from Toronto, 11/08: We did a concert today and when I walked into the building John Liddle was warming up on his new SIMA. Even through a closed door one could tell the sound was completely different: big, focused and clean. At the concert, John did a solo and I have to say that he sounded 200-300% better than on the other horns. Clean, precise, and focused even in this big auditorium with high ceilings. Fast and accurate 16th notes, in tune with itself, too. John has already blown two of the other top lead players in the city for a loop. I'll settle for a 100% improvement! I think that when I get mine there will be a number of additional orders, but we will have to see.

Anders from Sweden, 11/08: The SIMA is a gem, a fabulous horn.

Gil W. from Mo, 10/08: Well, I just got my new Callet SIMA delivered yesterday. Had a special opening ceremony  The verdict: the SIMA is the best trumpet I have ever played. This is what I have always been looking for. I'm glad I waited. I don't really have all the words. I would describe the sensation as a "silky smooth core". I fill it easily with no sensation of stuffiness. It rings from ppp to fff. Soft notes are much easier for me. The harmonics in every valve combination are as perfect as I have ever heard. The slots are locked in all the way up (high G last night...I'm too outta shape for dubbas right now), yet slurs between the partials are almost effortless: The easy shakes left me grinning from ear to ear. As I moved between styles it was clear that this is a beautiful classical horn as well as lead/jazz instrument. It should be great at churches and weddings. Going back and forth between my 6310z and the SIMA really revealed the improvement in efficiency -.even more than the Shew design. It has the same beautiful harmonics as the Jazz, just much easier for me to fill. My wife says it sounded the best, hands down (after 6 years she knows what sounds good!).
Technical comments: The valves are smooth and a trace bit tight, as advertised. T2 oil all around (slides, Amado keys, valves) took care of everything. There is very little lapping ("nicking") to the valve portals in the pistons...very tight tolerances (dig it). I expect them to break in nicely in a week or so. The Amado keys are now both pushed from the left. I was used to the opposed pistons on the squeeze on both dumped both they have to be pushed biggie. The right pinky hook is better than the ring. The absent 1st slide saddle took about 5 minutes to get used to. The dropped third slide is all that is needed. Good riddance. The bracing is NOT fragile. It is a strong horn. It should hold up well on stands. The little knobs on the 1st and 2nd slides make them much easier to pull in and out. My ONLY complaint is that the silver plate is not perfect...two tiny sub-par spots. For $2,730 I was hoping for perfection, but I'm not complaining. I know this is not Jerome's part. Kanstul may have been a bit rushed to get this done and out. Apparently, the Houston Symphony guys are waiting for theirs as well. I was hoping for a really cool serial # like: 0000X (like an early Fender Strat), but got: 43497! I called Jerome this morning and told him he had achieved an incredible life's accomplishment, one for the ages!!!

Alan C. from Va, 10/08: I got the SIMA trumpet late yesterday and spent the rest of the evening playing it. As you know, I already have one of the best trumpets that money can buy. But as you told me, "Try the SIMA and you will sell your other trumpet". That is just what I am going to do except I'm going to clean it up and lay it away as a collectors item. The SIMA is, without doubt, the best horn I have ever played. It has beautiful tonal quality and plays consistently and in-tune throughout the registers. Pedal tones are right there and the notes like F and G above High-C just jump out of the horn. I played passages of different songs on both horns with my wife critically listening and in every case they sounded better and were easier to play on the SIMA. My wife and I played several duets to see how well it sounded with another horn and it sounded wonderful. And thank goodness I don't have to mess with the first valve slide anymore. The low D's and C sharps are in tune for the first time in my life without having to push them around. You have done all of us trumpet players a great service in your 5-year study of the great horns and then creating a single horn with all of their best qualities! 

Manny G. from Fl, 10/08: I have been vacationing and recording in the state of Florida and play my new SIMA trumpet every day. I absolutely love this trumpet! It has improved my sound, intonation, and range big time. Wow!! Thank you for your constant pursuit of the perfect trumpet. I am preparing for my new vocal and solo trumpet recording release and feel ever more confident and ready thanks to your teachings and now the SIMA trumpet.

David P. from Nv, 10/08: I played the SIMA the last 2 nights with Donny & Marie in their show at the Flamingo. The SIMA is incredibly responsive. Intonation is superb, overall a lot of enjoyment playing the horn. Moreover, even though I've only played the horn 4 days, little adjustment is  required.  The SIMA is pure center and core with focus and brilliance! It is my opinion that the horn is going to aid and add to all areas deficient in one's playing. I absolutely love the SIMA!! Thank you so much Jerome for your dedication, passion, and love of the trumpet & students.

Terry S. from NY, 10/08: I saw Jerry yesterday and got to play both the silver and lacquer models. I am now on the list for one of the next batch he has on order! I agree with everything that has been written. I normally use words like bright or dark to describe a horn's sound. Jerry likes to call this sound rich; I think this is a better description. The sound is not shrill or edgy, but also not dull or spread. The sound remains consistent going from middle to higher register. The f-g above high c sounds like the middle register in terms of tone quality. Comparing it to my King Liberty - they both play well in tune and have great response, but the Liberty tends to get brighter above high c (more edge). Also, the SIMA has a fatter sound throughout due partly to the slightly larger bore than the Liberty. I also like how it feels in my hands -very nice balance. The valves are slightly forward and I like the size and feel of the bell. I was not really in the market, especially for a horn in this price range, but I think these horns will eventually become highly sought after. He has been selling these to pro's as well. (in NYC and in Vegas). Kyle -you were right - this is an amazing trumpet.

David P. from NV, 10/08: I played the SIMA tonight on the Blues Brother gig. The guys in the band said that it was really bright, clean, and cutting. All good - especially for this type of high volume performance situation. The SIMA horn is really easy to play and plenty of sizzle!!!! It's a different sound all together. Very unique, I'm very impressed - but not surprised. Congratulations Jerome. The SIMA plays with a gorgeous tone.

Vern T. from Wa, 10/08: I received the SIMA yesterday. It is an amazing horn. I was amazed at how easy it plays from the very first moment I played it. I had some trouble playing my Olds Super in the big band last Saturday because I found myself overblowing out of habit. I could play my JAZZ and C7 fine though (they allow more overblowing?). Then I played the SIMA last night. It is even easier to play than the JAZZ and C7. It is incredibly responsive. The tone is very consistent throughout the entire range. It is as easy to play down low as the JAZZ. It's like it's not a medium bore horn (at least with the SC2 mouthpiece). My son listened to me play the SIMA, the Olds Super, my JAZZ and Lawler C7. The SIMA has a bigger sound than all of them! Thank you for designing such a great trumpet!!

Ken B. from NC, 10/08: My SIMA arrived yesterday afternoon. I played a few notes on it and thought, hm-m-m, this seems pretty good. I took it to two different rehearsals last night and after that, I thought, whoa dude, this horn is ridiculous. For the first hour, I was playing way too hard. Then, it dawned on me what I was doing. I was treating this horn like all my other .470 bore horns. (If I was a little quicker, I would have noticed this in just a few minutes). Here's the thing...oh, sure, the intonation is perfect and the sound is focused, but not overly so, and the horn projects incredibly well. The remarkable thing is the noticeably small amount of effort it takes to play the SIMA. I think the technical experts call this low impedance. At any rate, once I powered down on the air volume and overall effort, everything worked even better. IMO, Jerome was not exaggerating when he said this was his best horn ever. Great job Jerome Callet!

Kyle S. from Pa, 9/08: I played the horn live in my combo tonight and, if possible, I love it even more! I was so confident going in that I didn’t even pack my old horn in the car. Sure didn’t need it. The SIMA was perfectly in tune, incredibly powerful, and gorgeous. I didn’t tell anyone I had a new horn and still got LOTS of compliments on how well I was playing. But I didn’t need the compliments, I KNEW the sound was the best ever, by a lot!