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   Facet Trumpet Mutes ~

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   Cup ~     Add to CART

The classic 'muted' sound required in all sections - classical, jazz, and popular. The genuine sound of the trumpet comes through, but in a quieter, muted tone. Cup mutes blend especially well with woodwinds and strings as well as other muted brass .... starting at $100




Straight ~     Add to CART

Similar to a classic cup mute, yet with more bite and more brilliance. The perfect choice when blending with woodwinds, strings, and other brass but with a more biting sound that cuts through with added brilliance .... starting at $85 



Brusio 'buzz' ~

"Brusio" is Italian for "buzz". The characteristic sound of the Brusio is reminiscent of that of Duke Ellington's trumpet player, Arthur Whetsol, as heard on "Black Beauty", from the album "Black and Tan Fantasy". Unlike most mutes of its type, the Brusio requires no physical or mental adjustments. Its sound resonates and projects effortlessly - even without the use of a microphone. Play it for yourself, but choose it for your audience!




Bucket ~

Facet's bucket mute body is made from Curly Maple, the clips are Bamboo, and the clip brackets are Oak. To protect your bell, the clip ends are covered with genuine leather. There are 3 available positions on the clips, and they are replaceable. The inside stuffing is cotton and the screen that secures the stuffing is hemp. Like all Facet Mutes, the materials are 100% organic.




Plunger "wah-wah' ~

Plunger Mute for Trumpet is made of an exclusive combination of walnut and maple with a 'sure grip' wooden handle plus leather lacing to protect the bell. James “Bubber” Miley, featured with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, found his own voice by combining a plunger mute with a pixie to produce his characteristic growling sound. He and fellow band member, trombonist Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton, used the same combination to create the "Wah-wah" sound that characterized Ellington's early Jungle Music style.





Pixie ~

Facet tested their trumpet Pixie Mute in a number of hardwoods and Pear Wood was the clear winner for producing the most characteristic Pixie mute sound as demonstrated by James “Bubber” Miley in his landmark recordings with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.