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Shipping Damage ~

*To date, worldwide, we have 0 reports of shipping damage


Before shipping, our trumpets are packed with extra care. The horns are wrapped in anti-scratch material then covered with bubble wrap. The horn is then placed into a primary box. That box is then suspended in a second box surrounded by filler. This process has allowed us to ship horns around the world and arrive in perfect condition. However, nothing is foolproof. If your horn arrives damaged then carefully follow these steps:

First, note the condition of the packing on arrival. If the box is dented or torn be sure to note the condition in writing with the delivery person before you sign for it. Of course, if there is visible damage to the actual trumpet then do not accept it and do not sign for it.

Second, if you discover damage to the horn once it is unpacked then immediately contact the shipper from your end. You must make this preliminary contact from your end. The shipper will contact us, but you should also email us (see link below).

Third - if there is damage to the horn you must save all the packing materials. The shipper will send out an inspector to verify the damage AND the packaging. The shipper will then pay for the return of the damaged goods.

Note - Failure to follow these steps may invalidate the insurance claim and leave you without recourse. We don't want that!

Once a claim has been started on your end we will work with the shipper to get a prompt solution. As soon as we've received notification that the above steps have been followed then we will be able to ship you a replacement trumpet. The shipper will pay for the second shipment.

To notify us of possible shipping damage email us here: