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"You too can be a trumpet virtuoso!"


Without the right equipment you cannot perform at your finest. However, even the finest equipment cannot compensate for an incorrectly formed embouchure. I've spent the past 50 years discovering the techniques that separate the elite trumpet virtuosi from the thousands of equally dedicated musicians who struggle endlessly with this instrument. It may surprise you, but playing the trumpet does NOT have to be difficult!

If you learn to use your tongue, lips, and air in the proper manner then you too can play the most demanding literature without stress or strain. Along with range and endurance, the intonation and beauty of your sound will improve dramatically. My passion is teaching contemporary brass embouchure. Please call me and join the thousands of dedicated musicians around the world that have made their musical goals a reality. You too can become a trumpet virtuoso!


For full info: Study with Jerry Callet

To help you get started in the proper direction, I am giving a free copy of my Master Superchops DVD to every purchaser of a Callet SIMA trumpet. Please click here for more info: Free with Every SIMA!