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Handcrafted in the USA, one at a time from the world's most select woods

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Exceed your goals

bulletexcellent intonation regardless of register
bulleteasy, open blow - never stuffy
bulletsmooth sound blends with all brass sections
bulletUnique timbres to express every mood



Facet mutes are handcrafted from low-density, medium-density, and high-density hardwoods. Each wood brings a unique yet comparably exquisite sound. The heavier the mute, the denser the wood. As a general rule, the more dense the wood the more brilliant and biting the sound. Conversely, the less dense the wood the softer and smoother the sound.



Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar has an open and recognizable grain pattern. In a natural finish it ranges from light brown to a medium reddish-brown, often with a darker vein running through the wood. It is very responsive, and has a good core of sound at lower volumes, yet the sound won't break up at higher volumes. This is the only hardwood selection that we have which is also aromatic.




We call this "Black Tie", because of its elegant appearance. Wenge is a straight-grained black hardwood with chocolate brown stripes. In the guitar world, Wenge is described as having an amazing "tap tone" that rings like a glass bell.




Lacewood has a very distinctive grain pattern which ranges from a wider horizontal "weave" across a vertical grain pattern, to a tighter "weave" that runs with the grain. It has a reddish-brown overall appearance. Although it is lighter in density than our other Medium Density selections, it is slightly heavier in weight, yielding a slightly more focused sound.




Limba Wood, also known in the guitar world as ‘Korina’, is described as being a warm, resonant, and balanced performer. It is a great choice when looking for a slightly warmer sound than a Walnut mute would provide. It is also light in weight, which makes it an excellent choice for a trombone cup mute, as well as straight mute.




Walnut has a more open grain than Maple or North American Cherry, despite its harder density. It has a chocolate brown appearance, with an occasional very light brown streak. Its grain patterns can vary from a somewhat tight vertical grain to a more watery open grain.


Weights ~

Generally speaking, the more dense the wood the more brilliant the sound and the more powerful the projection. It's very helpful to know that density is directly related to weight. A heavier wood is more dense than a lighter wood of same size. In the chart below, as you move to a heavier wood you automatically add brilliance and projection. Conversely, for a softer and rounder sound look for mutes made of lighter woods.



Weight (grams)
Straight mutes ~
Spanish Cedar 38
Limba 45
Wenge 67
Cup mutes ~
Limba 79
Walnut 91
CJB 116
Lacewood 143