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Callet SIMA trumpet is $2700 in either Bb or C. The SIMA Eb/D trumpet is $2800 and includes both Eb and D tuning slides.

Due to increased production, we've been able to lower the Bb Callet NY Soloist to just $2850!

All models available now in silver plate or gold lacquer. Gold plate available by special order.*

* Gold plating by Kanstul is available by special order. Upgrade cost for any trumpet is $150 above the price of 1 ounce of gold as set by MONEX at day of order. Allow apx 4 weeks for shipping. Upgrade for a Callet flugelhorn is $200 above 1 ounce of gold.

* For information on Jerome's free gift to you click here: Free with Callet Trumpet Order

* Important note for overseas orders: use "NA" (meaning not applicable) in the address field that asks for your state.

See full payment and shipping information below. Horn comes without case or mouthpiece.


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If you prefer, you can call in your order: Callet Trumpets (718) 477-5803 U.S.A.


Superchops Mouthpieces ~

Order a perfectly balanced Superchops mouthpiece with your SIMA trumpet and save shipping!

Superchops Mouthpieces      


Shipping ~

Shipping via UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail, insured:

a)Callet trumpets are carefully wrapped and double boxed for trouble free shipping. We've shipped worldwide and, to date, not a single problem!

Continental USA


Canada $45.00
Overseas $80.00
Mexico $55.00


Payment ~

For U.S. and Canadian orders, we accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express; the billing address of the card must be in in the USA or Canada. Callet Trumpets uses our business partner, Cycles BiKyle, to process our credit card purchases. Cycles BiKyle is the name you will see on your credit card statement.

All first time orders for other than U.S.A. or Canadian customers must be paid by EBT (electronic bank transfer). Select EBT as your payment method and we will promptly send you our bank information. Please allow approximately 10-12 days for EBTs to clear our bank.

We also accept personal and business checks for U.S.A. and Canadian orders, but allow 10 days to clear.

For prompt email help click here: Callet Info and Help


Tracking info ~

We understand that customers enjoy tracking their shipments once they leave Callet Trumpets. For this reason, we have UPS tracking numbers automatically forwarded to each customer's email address as the shipments clear UPS' main computer. The tracking numbers will be delivered via Quantum View, the official UPS tracking system. Watch for the Quantum View email in both your regular email folder and your spam folder. Email us if you have not received a tracking number within a reasonable time: Please resend UPS tracking number

However, the US Postal System does not regularly provide us with a tracking number, especially for overseas shipments. Therefore, we are not able to supply one to each customer. However, please contact us via email if your shipment has taken more than 14 days to arrive. Callet Trumpets will then contact the U.S. Postal Service and retrieve their latest tracking information then promptly forward it to you.   Start Postal tracking procedure