Jerome Callet Trumpets       




Washington, D.C ~

June 28, 2009

Hosted by Mark Chuvala

and Middle C Music

4530 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC






Mr. Callet worked with each attendee individually in front of the group - beginner to pro. It's extremely helpful to see and hear others go through the process. When you are under the gun yourself it's difficult to pay attention to the all-important sound; there are too many other things to think about. It's much easier to hear the improvements in sound, center, focus, and intonation in others as they take the hot seat.






Mr. Callet demonstrates the flaw in buzzing the mouthpiece ~





Correctly practicing the spit buzz ~





Putting the results to work ~


A big thanks to Mark Chuvala and Middle C Music for sponsoring this special event.

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