Callet Trumpets       





The (r)evolutionary Callet New York Soloist



Unequalled projection for every musical style

Richest and most brilliant overtones in every register

Precise slotting and consistent timbre from high to low

Impeccable intonation from deepest pedals to double C and beyond

Increased endurance, fastest response, and easiest blow for every note

Time tested Callet Jazz bell mandrel in Sima's special heavy weight brass 

Bracing specially placed for fastest and most consistent response 
Leadpipe - new reverse design, Callet exclusive for NY Soloist 

Your choice of silver plate or Callet's special gold lacquer 
1st valve throw omitted for best possible intonation 
Callet reverse 3rd valve throw for increased focus 

2 Amado water keys for minimum turbulence 

Receiver - new .460 design 
Bore - non-conical .460 


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