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International Trumpet Guild, 2012 ~

Columbus, Georgia      May 22-26, 2012


The 37th Annual Conference of the International Trumpet Guild was held in the historic city of Columbus, Georgia, USA. Performances and clinics were hosted in the state-of-the art River Center while the newly renovated and stunning Columbus Convention Center housed the vendor exhibits. Nearly every major trumpet and mouthpiece make and model was available for extensive play testing and experts from each company were on hand to answer every question. Additional exhibits featured practically every brass accessory imaginable along with reams of sheet music, method books, CDs, the works!


The ITG is a wonderful venue to introduce SIMA trumpets and SC mouthpieces to a new audience, but as always, the highlights of this annual conference were the countless war stories shared with old friends. Sure, many of the stories have been heard before but each retelling brings its own hysterics. The camaraderie in the industry is remarkable and great pleasure not to be missed.


Manning the Callet exhibit greatly limits our ability to attend the nearly countless performances and clinics but thankfully, we were able to catch these few highlights:

Exhilarating opening night jam featuring Mike Vax, Andrea Tofanelli, Jeff Jarvis, and Claudio Roditi

Intimate clinic performance by the masterful Claudio Roditi with 3 piece rhythm section

ITG Festival Orchestra with exceptional soloing and humor by Andrea Giuffredi among others

Joe Gransden's kickin' big band with stunning features by Patrick Hessions, Andrea Tofanelli, Claudio Roditi, Roger Ingram among others

Closing concert with Pancho Sanchez and his extremely tight Latin Cubano Big Band featuring outstanding trumpet work by both Terence Blanchard and Ron Blake


Here are a few pictures to share.  More will be posted shortly so return soon:


Andrea Tofanelli gives a SIMA Bb and SC-6 mouthpiece a thorough run through. Not sure there are any double C's left in this horn!







Roger Ingram talks shop with Jerry.






Charles Schlueter relives tall tales with Jerry.






Mike Williams, now in his 24th year as lead trumpet in the Count Basie Band, and Kenny Robinson, formerly with the Maynard Ferguson band and now with the Temptations and Four Tops, share road stories with Jerry. But most of the conversation is about our late night escapades the previous evening "on the road" with the very dedicated and fun staff of P. Mauriat Musical Instruments.





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