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International Trumpet Guild, 2009 ~

Harrisburg, Pa, May 2009

There is no place like an ITG conference to renew old friendships and make lots of new ones. The organization was outstanding, fine music was endless, and the smiles were continuous. Granted, the noise level make it difficult to audition fine trumpets. But interest in the SIMA helped generate our best week of sales ever in the following days. Players just needed a few days to let the blisters in the ears subside! 

The SC3 mouthpiece was a big hit as they rolled out the door. The following pictures will give you a taste of the big event and elicit some fond memories from everyone that attended.


Herb Smith holds down the booth after giving Jason Harrelson's double bell trumpet a solid workout.





Jerry, Herb, and Kyle in the groove while Yumiko tries unsuccessfully to keep us in line.




Chairman of Berklee's brass department and Yamaha recording artist, Tiger Okoshi, lights up a SIMA.




Tony Scodwell and Jerry relate some war stories.




Jerry shows Bahb Civiletti our latest and greatest.




Mac Gollehon tries a Starbucks pick-me-up.




Dave Sheetz and Jerry say hello.



More friends give the SIMA a test drive: