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A History of Innovation ~

"For the past 50 years, I have used my lips and ears as a brass laboratory. It was a great struggle to discover and fully test the ideas I have been working on for these 5 decades. I vowed if I could achieve this dream of mine I would share it with all brass players."

                                                                                                                - Jerome Callet

Jerome Callet, for the first 25 years of his life, was a frustrated trumpet failure. The more avidly he sought to develop his embouchure, using the best teachers and most accepted methods of the time, the worse he performed.

In utter frustration, he decided to devote his life to finding out why no one could teach him how to develop an advanced embouchure and great sound, and indeed, whether it was even possible to develop a superior embouchure and world class sound. Perhaps, he thought, one has a good embouchure as a result of natural capability, body development, etc.

His first assault on the problem was to study the chops of great players in photos of these artists while they were performing. He noticed that most of the great players were positioning their chops on the mouthpiece in direct contradiction to all the accepted embouchure methods!

More amazingly, he found that none of the world's greatest trumpet players could teach their own children to play! The reason for this is that while they believed what was being taught to beginners was correct, they themselves played differently. As a result, probably because they could not describe the "feel" that a proper embouchure gives, none of these artists ever had a child who amounted to anything special as a performer!

From this beginning and after 50 years of continued research, Jerome Callet has become one of the most sought after embouchure specialists in the world. He has continued to advance the art of brass instruction while simultaneously developing the finest mouthpieces to aid development and greatly improve performance. His newest effort, the SIMA trumpet, fulfills the final part of his lifelong mission. With a richer, fuller, and more vibrant sound, a dense and concentrated core, clearly superior intonation, and an ease of performance in all registers, the SIMA is the new standard in trumpet performance!

 On left, Jerry plays a double pedal C (click to enlarge)

 On right, Jerry plays a double high C (click to enlarge)


1953 - began a 16 year apprenticeship with Elden Benge followed by 6 years with Dominick Calicchio.

1970 - developed the revolutionary embouchure techniques that took him from a very weak high C to a useable range of double pedal C to double high C with great ease, immense sound, and amazing power.

1971 - published Trumpet Yoga, a "scientific breakthrough" in embouchure development. This method is still used with great success by players around the world.

1972 - manufactured the first of his more than 25,000 Callet Custom mouthpieces.

1973 - designed and released the first of his more than 5,000 Callet Custom trumpets.

1987 - published Superchops, a step forward in his teaching method that made his advanced instruction more accessible than ever.

2002 - published Trumpet Secrets, The Secrets of the Tongue-Controlled Embouchure, a new revolution in brass instruction that revealed his time-tested secrets to developing superior range, power, and endurance.

2007 - published Master Superchops, a 2 DVD set that demonstrates his teachings in greater detail than ever before.  Master Superchops DVD

2007 - Released his new mouthpiece design, the Superchops, incorporating all the secrets gained from his previous 25,000 highly successful mouthpieces. Already considered by hundreds of professionals around the world as the standard in mouthpiece design.  Superchops Mouthpiece

2007 - Completed a 15 year study of classic trumpets, the most detailed analysis ever performed. Purchased, played, dissected, and measured more than 275 of the finest trumpets ever made including models from every renowned maker from around the world. 

2008 - unveils the Callet SIMA, a superior trumpet in every sense of the word!  The SIMA